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As a professional in the organization, I adhere to the following principles, which guarantee my professionalism:

  1. I am committed to helping the client define the objectives they wish to achieve through my intervention, in a realistic manner and adapted to their specific context.

  2. I undertake to use all the means at my disposal to achieve the objectives set with my client.

  3. I undertake to define the framework of my intervention in a written contract, specifying the objectives to be achieved, the context of this intervention and the client's right to terminate the contract if necessary, specifying the terms of application of this law.

  4. I will market my professional organizing services in a legal and fair manner.

  5. I refrain from any value judgment on a client, and I support him while respecting his opinions and particularities.

  6. I refrain from any action that could constitute a breach of trust in the client and influence him for my personal interest.

  7. I undertake to respect professional secrecy and to guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided by the client.

  8. I inform my client if the issues raised are outside my area of ​​expertise, and I refer them to a qualified professional if possible

  9. I will at all times endeavor to avoid situations in which the provision of professional organization services to one client places me in a conflict of interest situation with another client.

  10. If I want to take pictures, I ask my client's permission. If I want to use them, for example for my professional communication, I have him sign an authorization. If these photos show a person or a personal place, I have them sign a "right to image" authorization. I respect his refusal if necessary.

  11. I will use reasonable means to keep all client files and documents in my possession secure and confidential unless the client gives me written permission to make such documents public.

  12. I will communicate my fee and expense structure to my clients before starting to provide professional organization services. I will only recommend the products and / or services that my clients need or want.

  13. I am committed to continuing my professional development and increasing my knowledge to always provide professional and efficient service.

  14. I avoid all practices that could discredit the profession and violate the laws. I do not put myself in a situation of unfair competition and I avoid all fraudulent or deceptive practices. I will respect and not violate the intellectual property rights of others. I will comply with all laws applicable to the operation of my business and my provision of professional organization services.

  15. I have taken out professional liability insurance, according to the legislation in force in the country where the service is provided.

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